WWW Wednesday – 29th June 2016

I know, it’s a Thursday, but I wrote my WWW yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post it! Please, please forgive my lateness and accept my WWW a day behind. WWW is hosted by Taking On A World of Words (https://samannelizabeth.wordpress.com/) and all you have to do is answer the three W’s:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

With that done, leave your post as a comment on the host’s page and join the discussion! So without any further ado…

What are you currently reading?

I am currently 225 pages into ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara. This novel haA Little life.jpgs been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, and I can see why. I bought it from Waterstones as part of a three for two dealafter I finished my exams, and this is the last one I’ve read of those three to purely because it is so long! 720 pages of novel. However, this is in no way a negative aspect. I absolutely love the 200 pages I have read so far and can’t wait to continue and write my review! I can tell you now I’ll be raving about the characters and the plot revelations. I think I’ll have to start another, shorter book on my list before I get to the end of this one though, otherwise you won’t be hearing anything from me for a while!


What did you recently finish reading?The Illusionists

I recently finished reading ‘The Illusionists’ by Rosie Thomas and it was one of the best novels I’ve read. I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in historical fiction and even to some people that don’t – I
have seen a few negative comments about this book but you can see my reasoning for that in my recently posted review: https://booklighting.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/an-apology-and-a-book-review-the-illusionists-by-rosie-thomas-2014/


What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ve recently been sent a .pdf of Robert Eggleton’s ‘Rarity from the Hollow’ – an adult literary science fiction novel combatting child abuse. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like this before and I am really excited to give my thoughts. Rarity from the Hollow proceeds are donated to prevent child abuse, so I would encourage you all to head over to Robert’s twitter account and keep up with the progress! (https://twitter.com/roberteggleton1)

Rarity from the Hollow


What do you guys think of my current list? Have you read any of these titles? Let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – 29th June 2016

  1. I think I’ve watched a movie called “The Illusionist” that may be based off that book? Not entirely sure, but it looks like a wonderful read with a very cool cover.


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