About Booklighting

Hello! I’m Fiona, a soon-to-be English Literature with Creative Writing graduate in her early twenties. I am from Suffolk, England and absolutely love books. It is my hope to someday soon start working in the book publishing industry. My favourite book? Probably The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

Bookbooklighlighting is a blog dedicated to book reviews and discussions encapsulating a range of genres: essentially, whatever catches my eye! Interspersed amongst my usual reviews I also hope to run a ‘Bookbluffing’ range: summaries, key themes and theoretical frameworks of some of the books I studied during my degree.

Review policy.

I am thrilled to accept physical copies and e-books for review. I only post honest reviews.

I am very eager to start getting to know the bookblogging community, so please get in touch!